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Heliatek GmbH

Heliatek GmbH

Heliatek was spun-off in 2006 from the Technical University of Dresden (IAPP) and the University of Ulm. The company’s founding brought together internationally renowned expertise in the fields of organic optoelectronics and organic oligomer synthesis.

As the global technology leader in the field of organic photovoltaics (OPV) based on small molecules, we are helping to shape a sustainable solar future. At the moment, Heliatek is making the transition from pure technology development to industrial manufacture. Our goal is to soon mass-produce organic photovoltaic panels using a rapidly deployable and efficient roll-to-roll process.

Our mission
The global demand for energy continues to grow, while, at the same time, fossil fuel resources continue to dwindle. With its smart technology solutions, Heliatek wants to be instrumental in establishing environmentally friendly solar energy as a widespread, commonplace technology available to everyone. Due to their special properties, Heliatek solar panels offer nearly limitless application possibilities, opening up an entirely new dimension in clean solar energy.

Our vision
Clean solar energy, wherever it’s needed. The organic photovoltaic panels from Heliatek are the solar panels of the next generation. Simple and flexible, they help provide us with sustainable energy. This is how Heliatek increases the energy independence of each individual in an increasingly technological time with its rapidly growing demand for energy.

Heliatek GmbH
Treidlerstra├če 3
Dresden, 01139
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