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Dip Pen Nanolithography Webinar: Recap and Links

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National Nanomanufacturing Network: The Institute of Physics (IOP) and NanoInk, Inc. co-hosted webinar on Dip Pen Nanolithography presented the function and applications of this patented lithographic technique.

For those interested in learning about Dip Pen Nanolithography and its tools, replaying the free IOP and NanoINK webinar that was held this past Tuesday, April 7, is a good place to start. 

Introduced by the editor, James Tyrrell, the webinar featured an overview of Dip Pen Nanolithography by the NanoInk Vice President of Nanofabrication Systems, Tom Levesque, a user perspective by Prof. Duncan Grahame (University of Strathclyde, Center for Molecular Nanometrology), and a look at NanoInk's newly released desktop fabrication system, NPL2000, by developer Dr. John Graham.

Dip Pen Nanolithography was characterized as an efficient and affordable option for fundamental and applied research in both the physical and life sciences, one that is easy to implement (no clean room required), flexible (to different inks and substrates), and fast.

Slidecast is available through the site; for more information see also NanoInk's DPN Forum.

This image has been provided courtesy of, The A to Z of Nanotechnology.

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