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Greener Nano 2009

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National Nanomanufacturing Network: The Safer Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing Initiative (SNNI) 4th annual conference focused on cutting edge research in greener nanomaterials design and production and brought together academics, industrialists and policymakers to discuss approaches to developing economically viable, environmentally benign methods to advance nanotechnology.

This year's 2-day program integrated presentations from national experts with regional representatives to discuss greener design, greener production, nanoparticle characterization challenges at the bio-nano interface, and biodistribution/tracking nanoparticles in living systems.Keynote presentations included:

  • Dr. Hilary Godwin from The UCLA California Nanosystems Institute and the Center for Environmental Implications in Nanotechnology
  • Dr. Don Tomalia from The National Dendrimer and Nanotechnology Center, Central Michigan University
  • Dr. Peter Mirau from the Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Dr. Heather Evans from The National Nanotechnology Initiative

A poster session and reception was held on Monday evening and included a tour of the new ONAMI Lorrey Lokey Laboratories at the University of Oregon.

Speaker presentations can be found online at SNNI conference program page