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CurTran LLC

CurTran LLC

CurTran LLC was formed for one purpose. To industrialize the production of Double Wall Carbon Nanotubes in wire form to be a direct replacement for metallic conductors in wire and cable applications.

CurTran was formed in 2011 by industrial manufacturing, engineering and research organizations. An industrialization plan was defined, customer and industry partners engaged, the intellectual property consolidated and operations launched.

Operations are based in the following areas:

- Corporate Headquarters, located in Houston Texas
- Test Facility, located in Houston Texas and operated by NanoRidge and Rice University researchers.
- Pilot Plant located in Eastern Europe
- Production facilities are to be located in various global markets. Production facilities will be fully operational in 2014 producing in excess of 50,000 tonnes per facility annually.

CurTran manufactures the LiteWire conductor in many forms. We do not manufacture insulated products at this time. We rely on our Joint Venture Partners to deliver a completed wire/cable product to their existing customer base.

CurTran provides engineering services to Partners and Customers that seek to optimize their products to the full capabilities of LiteWire.

CurTran supports ongoing research and development activities in applied material science, chemical/mechanical/thermo/fluid production processes, industrial equipment design, and application sciences.

CurTran LLC
15850 Vickery Drive
Houston, TX
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