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Nanodevices Come Out of the Cold

Written by: 
Belle Dume

Han Figure 2
Ice Lithography Process

"Ice lithography" is a new, clean and quick way to make nanoscale components for electronics. Researchers at Harvard University in the US have developed a new, clean and simple technique, dubbed "ice lithography", to fabricate nanodevices. The method, which relies on using a thin film of water ice as a resist for electron-beam lithography, does not contaminate or degrade samples, unlike many conventional nanofabrication processes.

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Image reproduced with permission from Han A, Vlassarev D, Wang J, Golovchenko JV,and Branton D. 2010. Ice Lithography for Nanodevices. Nano Letters Article ASAP 1 November 2010. DOI: 10.1021/nl1032815. Copyright 2010 American Chemical Society. 

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