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MEMS Testing & Reliability 2017

Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Santa Clara, California

MEMS and sensors of all types are used in countless applications, but all sensors must go through testing and reliability checks before being integrated into products. This workshop focuses on the current and emerging processes used to test MEMS and sensors.

What are the latest technologies, equipment and tools being developed for testing? What are the challenges facing the testing segment of the sensor supply chain? What factors are driving the industry for new solutions? What new methods or processes are making the testing of sensors quicker, more cost-effective and more efficient?

We hope you will join us as we answer these questions and discuss other exciting reliability topics with industry experts and research leaders. Networking sessions and exhibits will complement speaker presentations and topics.

Workshop Topics

This full-day workshop will provide attendees in-depth presentations, as well as networking and discussion opportunities, about the latest MEMS testing technologies and applications with topics such as:

  • Market trends and future industry projections
  • Testing equipment, tools, and methodologies
  • Front-end production equipment, tools, and processes
  • Packaging equipment, tools, and developments
  • Challenges and opportunities, including supply chain and ecosystem perspectives
  • “Pure play” foundries vs. platform-based design approaches, IDM vs. fabless approaches
  • Cost management and reduction
  • Scaling, yield improvement, rapid prototyping, and high volume production.
  • Testing for emerging technologies: TSVs, 3D stacking, wafer level packaging, CMOS MEMS integration, polymer and glass microfabrication, novel materials and coatings, lamination techniques, ultra-thin and flexible substrates.
  • EDA software and simulation tools
  • Test data collection and analysis
  • Technology transfer and intellectual property factors
  • Industry standards development