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Microtrac, Inc.

Microtrac, Inc.

Microtrac, the innovator of particle characterization technologies!

Microtrac has been a pioneer in manufacturing light scattering particle size technology for over 35 years. In 1974 Microtrac released the world’s first commercially available particle size analyzer utilizing laser diffraction as a measurement method. Through a process of continuous innovation Microtrac has consistently delivered “firsts” in this sector.

The first analyzer using polarized light to measure submicron particles (SPA), the first dry powder disperser, the first optical bench to use auto-alignment (FRA), the first high concentration Dynamic Light Scattering particle size analyzer (UPA) and now the first laser diffraction instrument to use real Blue Lasers (Bluewave).

Microtrac, Inc.
12501A - 62nd Street North
Largo, FL
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Joanne Kennedy
(215) 619-9920 ext 10
(727) 507-9770