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MemPro Ceramics

MemPro Ceramics

MemPro manufactures ceramic nanofibers, polymer nanofibers, and catalyst products.

Our products are never seen by the end-user but their benefits are distinguished in our customers' products. Our products strengthen, protect, clean, functionalize, and enhance. With very large surface-area-to-volume ratios, mechanical strength, chemical resistance, heat tolerance, and selective filtration, our ceramic nanofibers possess all of the beneficial characteristics of advanced materials. This translates into improved performance and cost-savings while bridging the gap between conceptual ideas and products.

We continually work with customers to develop and supply new materials for innovative technologies. MemPro produces the highest quality materials backed by unrivaled knowhow.

MemPro Ceramics
585 Burbank St
Unit A
Broomfield, CO
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+1 (303) 224-9999