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Ynvisible’s main goal is to integrate electrochromic displays on a variety of materials, turning them into interactive screens at a disruptively low cost. The company has already successfully developed prototypes and is ready to advance to the next stage of industrialization using patent-pending technologies.

This new generation of displays will have four fundamental advantages over traditional displays:

* Low power consumption: power only needed to transition between states;
* Low production costs: mass production viability;
* Substrate versatility: adaptable to a large variety of surfaces;
* Transparency: displays only become visible when activated.

Ynvisible’s technology will add differentiating value to several already existing markets at a disruptively low cost.
Already at a very advanced stage of development, the first products featuring Ynvisible technology on plastic surfaces are expected in 2011. These may include interactive advertising on magazines and outdoors, packaging, point-of-sale displays, among others. In the future many new features will be possible:

* Smart packages that provide interactive information regarding expiry dates or content description;
* Newspapers, brochures, books or any real paper surfaces featuring animations, small videos and any other type of user-activated content;
* A new generation of intelligent objects/tools and simple computational devices, such as plastic boards that integrate switchable calendars or calculators;
* Interactive clothing that can be used to control gadgets such as MP3 players or mobile phones, and serve as the mobile devices’ displays;
* Intelligent furniture and walls that can, for example, display games and information on different surfaces.

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Cartaxo, 2070-104
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