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Xenon Corporation

Xenon Corporation

Xenon Corporation is the world leader in Pulsed UV Light technology for a wide variety of industrial and research applications. Xenon Corporation designs and manufacturers high performance pulsed UV lamps, curing systems and decontamination/sterilization systems.

* A proven history (since 1964) of meeting the world wide need for High Performance Pulsed Light in Science, Industry, Medical and Safety
* An unmatched depth of experience available to solve the most challenging applications
* One stop shopping capability from components to complete systems

Xenon Corporation has a deserved reputation for creativity. The company works with customers to develop solutions that are completely new. Xenon Corporation engineers have solved low temperature UV curing problems for manufacturers of semiconductors, digital video discs, medical devices, cars and electronic products.

Xenon Corporation
37 Upton Drive
Wilmington, Massachusetts
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+1 978 661-9033