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Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd

Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd

The Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology (CNT) Ltd is a nanomaterials innovation, management and technology consulting company based in Cambridge, England.

The CNT Ltd helps companies, universities and government institutions to develop nanomaterials related technology, products, R&D strategy and partnership, intellectual property and market strategies, training and funding.

The CNT Ltd is specialised in carbon nanomaterials R&D consulting and collaborative R&D project management, such as EU FP7 project consortium building, proposal preparation and project and exploitation management.

The CNT Ltd could create custom designed project teams of experts from its network of consultants from industry and academia and help in building a supply chain for development of products enhanced by nanomaterials. We can provide a constant phone and email access to an expert advice and an expert as a part-time member in your team.

Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology Ltd
14 Orchard Way
Lower Cambourne
Cambridge, CB23 5BN
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Dr Bojan Boskovic