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Azaya Therapeutics Incorporated

Azaya Therapeutics Incorporated

Azaya Therapeutics, Inc. is an emerging technology company that is based in San Antonio, Texas. We began operations in 2003, and are a privately owned Delaware Corporation. Azaya is using a novel, proprietary and widely applicable targeted nanotechnology platform aimed at developing safer and more effective cancer treatments for patients around the world. We received a patent for our Protein Stabilized Liposome (PSL™) nanotechnology in February, 2007. This platform solves the significant problem associated with the formulation and delivery of water-insoluble active pharmaceutical ingredients, and has the potential to be applied to numerous therapeutic agents.

Azaya Therapeutics has specialized technology to evaluate nanotechnology drug products. This capability has poised the company for development of novel analytical methods and high quality drug products. Our technology includes the following specialized equipment:

- High Pressure Liquid Chromatography
- Evaporative Light Scattering Detection
- In Vitro Release for nanotechnology products
- Conductivity Detection
- Zeta Potential Analysis
- Particle Counting technology with the qNano
- Particle Size Analysis
- Size Exclusion Chromatography
- Fluorescence Detection Plate Reader

Azaya Therapeutics Incorporated
12500 Network Blvd.
San Antonio, TX
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(210) 341-6600