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Parexo Labs

Parexo Labs

We are a nanotechnology development laboratory based in San Antonio Texas. We perform contract services that are competitively priced and timely turn-around. As the expert in liposomal nanotechnology, Parexo Labs serves the community scientists, students, health and information professionals worldwide.

We help customers advance liposome nanotechnology by providing world-class information and innovative tools that help them make critical decisions, enhance productivity and improve outcomes.

Parexo Labs provides its products and services through two divisions:

Analytical Sciences
- HPLC – UV, ELSD, Conductivity
- Particle Size Analysis
- In Vitro Release
- Osmolality
- Size Exclusion
- Lipid Analysis
- Raw Material Testing

Formulation Development
- Microfluidization
- Extrusion
- Manufacturing Consulting
- Roto-evaporation
- Fill Finish development
- Lyophylization
- Liposome manufacture

Parexo Labs
Azaya Therapeutics
12500 Network Blvd
Ste 207
San Antonio, TX
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210 341 6619