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StoreDot Ltd.

StoreDot Ltd.

StoreDot is a company with a ground-breaking technology, based on its discovery of new generation, self-assembled Nanodots of biological origin. Representing elementary biological building blocks, these multifunctional Nanodots are at the core of several patented innovations by StoreDot, and constitute the future nanotechnology and advanced nano-photonic devices, including smartphones, TV’s, energy storage devices and more.

These nano-crystals are uniform in size, 2 nanometers in diameter, and consist of bioorganic peptide molecules. They possess multi-functional intrinsic properties such as: unique fluorescence within the visible region; electrochemical, charge trapping, piezoelectric, nonlinear optical and others.

StoreDot’s novel approach of applying visible fluorescing Nanodots introduces a dramatic improvement in essential components of environmentally-friendly flexible displays. Due to their electrochemical attributes Nanodots are being used for preparing of new generation-batteries and supercapacitors. Bioorganic Nanodots have the potential to enhance current technologies of smartphones and TV displays, batteries, bio-LEDs, and bio-lasers. Furthermore, their biocompatibility presents a unique opportunity to apply them in nanomedicinal technology, drug delivery, food security labeling and more.

StoreDot Ltd.
16 Menachem Begin St.
Gamma Building, 4th floor
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