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Qlight Nanotech

Qlight Nanotech

Qlight Nanotech develops semiconductor nanocrystals that display unique optical and electrical properties. Qlight’s nanocrystals enable light conversion from UV and blue wavelengths to any other wavelength in the visible range. The color, or the wavelength, of the light is determined by the nanoparticle's size. When excited by light, nanocrystals generate illumination of an unmatched color and wavelength accuracy while displaying high quantum efficiency. This guarantees high energy efficiency and cost savings for solid state lighting (LED) systems, flat panel displays and various other optical applications.

Qlight´s solutions are tailored to integrate with existing system materials, devices and processes offering cost reduction opportunities and optimized product qualities for a broad range of applications. Qlight´s nanocrystal technology is designed to deliver superior benefits while using fewer resources – materials and energy – than are used by existing solutions.

In the coming decade the world will undergo a revolution in the field of lighting driven by two major factors: the need for energy efficient products and the demand to use environmentally friendly materials. Qlight´s breakthrough technology ensures that it is optimally positioned as a market leader to address the technology and market challenges of the next generation.

Qlight Nanotech
Hebrew University of Jerusalem