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Abakan Inc.

Abakan Inc.

Abakan develops, manufactures, and markets advanced nanocomposite materials, innovative fabricated metal products, and engineered metal composites for applications in oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, aerospace and defense, energy, infrastructure and processing industries.

Abakan’s technology portfolio currently includes high-speed large-area metal cladding technology, long-life nanocomposite anti-corrosion and-wear coating materials and high-strength lightweight metal composites. Abakan’s products have demonstrated up to 80 times longer life, up to 40 times higher productivity and extremely high strength-to-weight ratios compared to competing technologies.

Abakan group of companies have been ranked #1 by the Wall Street Journal for Global Manufacturing Innovation, by Forbes as the #1 most promising material science and nanocomposite company in the U.S; have received over 30 trade, industry, and technology awards including 5 R&D 100 Awards, and a technology innovation award from National Institute of Standards and Technology; and over $70 million has been invested in research and development including over $30 million in highly competitive federal awards.

Abakan has now successfully introduced its metal coatings for metal asset protection and life-extension in the oil and gas, and mining industries; and is now geared towards scale-up and commercialization of its highly-disruptive metal cladding products for the oil and gas, oil sands, mining and chemical industries. Abakan currently operates from multiple locations in USA and Canada and intends on setting-up global operations in South America, Middle East, Asia and Russia.

Abakan Inc.
2665 Bayshore Drive
Suite 450
Miami, FL
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