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Cerion, LLC

Cerion, LLC

Cerion’s core expertise is the development, customization and manufacture of high-performance metal, metal oxide and mixed metal nanoparticles for a wide range of industrial products including (but not limited to) coatings/thin films, catalysts, additives, printed electronics and antimicrobials.

Our team's unique expertise was established during their tenure at Kodak, where they were global leaders in the stable dispersion of metal nanoparticle colloids for photographic film emulsions.

Since 2007, and with significant investment, we have dramatically broadened the scope of our nanoparticle design capabilities along with our manufacturing capacity to over 150 metric tons per year. We have also grown our portfolio to include a wide variety of ultra-small metals, metal oxides and mixed metals such as TiO2, gold, silver, silver-palladium, iron oxide, cobalt oxide and ceria nanoparticles.

Cerion offers seamless lab-to-market solutions for our industry customers. In addition to our corporate headquarters, we have two research & development facilities as well as a multi-line manufacturing plant at Eastman Business Park (formerly Eastman Kodak’s Film and Chemical Manufacturing Complex) in Rochester, New York.

Cerion, LLC
One Blossom Road
Rochester, NY 14610
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