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National Nanomanufacturing Network Solicits Contributing Editors

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InterNano, the online resource of the National Nanomanufacturing Network (NNN), supports the information needs of the nanomanufacturing community by reporting on advances in applications, devices, metrology, and materials that will facilitate the commercial development and marketable application of nanotechnology. In addition to aggregating and providing access to content for the nanomanufacturing community, the NNN publishes unique content that contributes to the advancement of nanomanufacturing in the United States. Unique content includes original topical articles, Expert Reviews of peer-reviewed literature, and a nanomanufacturing Process Database.

The NNN is seeking Contributing Editors to author Expert Reviews and Process Database submissions. By publishing content on InterNano, you will not only make an important contribution to the growing body of nanomanufacturing literature, you will also bring visibility to the domain and to the experts who are engaged with it. All InterNano articles are assigned quality metadata and are search engine optimized so that your work will be easily found. All Expert Reviews receive a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), which enables persistent identification in a digital environment. Expert Reviews are often featured in the National Nanomanufacturing Network’s monthly newsletter and weekly mailer, which is distributed to 4,500 (and growing) subscribers.

process database
The InterNano Process Database is a knowledge base of techniques for processing nanoscale materials, devices, and structures that includes step-by-step descriptions, images, notes on methodology and environmental variables, and associated references and patent information. The purpose of the Process Database is to facilitate the sharing of appropriate process knowledge across laboratories. An example of a process includes Fabrication of a Nanoporous Template from a Diblock Copolymer Film – Electric Field Alignment.

Expert Reviews present a detailed review of recently published research or state of practice in nanomanufacturing, and focus on those advances in applications, devices, metrology, materials, and related topics that impact the scaled manufacturing and will facilitate the commercial development and/or marketable application of nanoscale materials, systems, and devices. The reviews should be 500-1000 words, written for an audience with some scientific background. Two recent examples of Expert Reviews include  Flexible, Large Area Active Matrix Backplane Technology By Solution Cast Carbon Nanotube Thin Film Transistors and Lead-Free Nanowire Piezoelectric Nanogenerator: Potential for Ubiquitous Power.

InterNano areas of coverage include nanomanufacturing processes; tools for nanomanufacturing; nanoscale objects and nanostructured materials; nanomanufacturing characterization techniques; environmental, health and safety considerations for nanomanfuacturing; social and economic implications of nanomanufacturing; informatics and standards for nanomanufacturing; commercialization, regulation, and intellectual property.

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