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NanoBusiness Commercialization Association 2013 Top Emerging Nanotech Innovators

Written by: 
Vincent Caprio, NanoBusiness Commercialization Association

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As spring nears, we are delighted to introduce this year’s NanoBusiness Commercialization Association’s Top Emerging Nanotech Innovators. The 2013 list includes companies developing innovative nano-enabled products in a wide range of areas, including nanomanufactured products, next generation semiconductors and memory devices, quantum computing, pollution removal, solid-state lighting, cancer therapeutics, nutraceuticals, advanced materials, coatings, water treatment and microscopy. We congratulate each company on their achievements in nanotechnology and look forward to watching their progress in the future.

NanoBCA 2013 Top Emerging Nanotech Innovators

Adesto – Next generation memory
Senior Management: Narbeh Derhacobian, Co-founder, President & Chief Executive Officer
ABS Materials – Pollutants removal
Senior Management: Dr. Paul Edmiston, Founder & Chief Science Officer
Stephen Spoonamore, Chief Executive Officer
Bridgelux – Solid state lighting for general illumination
Senior Management: Bradley J. Bullington, Chief Executive Officer
Cambrios – Transparent conductors
Senior Management: John LeMoncheck, President & Chief Executive Officer
Cerulean – Targeted delivery cancer therapeutics
Senior Management: Oliver Fetzer, Ph.D., President & Chief Executive Officer
D-Wave Systems – Quantum computing
Senior Management: Vern Brownell, President & Chief Executive Officer
HzO – Waterblock coatings for electronics
Senior Management: Paul S. Clayson, President & Chief Executive Officer
Kovio – Near-field communications
Senior Management: Amir Mashkoori, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the Board
Kurion – Advanced materials (nuclear waste cleanup)
Senior Management: Ralph DiSibio, Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Mersana – Novel cancer therapies
Senior Management: Nicholas G. Bacopoulos, Ph.D., President & Chief Executive Officer
Molecular Imprints – Next generation lithography
Senior Management: C. Mark Melliar-Smith, Chief Executive Officer
Nanofilm – Coatings
Senior Management: Scott E. Rickert, Ph.D., President, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
NanoInk – Diagnostic testing
Senior Management: James M. Hussey, Chief Executive Officer & Board of Directors member
NanoMech – Advanced materials, nanomanufactured products (TuffTek®, nGlide®, nGuard®, ElementX®)
Senior Management: Jim Phillips, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Ajay P. Malshe, Founder, Executive VP & Chief Technology Officer
Nantero – Carbon nanotube flash memory
Senior Management: Greg Schmergel, Co-founder, President & Chief Executive Officer
Pixelligent Technologies – NanoAdditives for semiconductors, electronics, and industrial applications
Senior Management: Craig Bandes, President & Chief Executive Officer
Produced Water Absorbents – Water treatment
Senior Management: Neil Poxon, Chief Executive Officer
Siluria – Natural gas to fuels and chemicals conversion catalysts
Senior Management: Dr. Alex Tkachenko, President
SiOnyx – Silicon-based photonic devices
Senior Management: Stephen Saylor, President & Chief Executive Officer
Solazyme – Algae-derived biofuels, chemicals, nutraceuticals, and skin care
Senior Management: Jonathan S. Wolfson, Chief Executive Officer
Xradia – 3D X-ray microscopy
Senior Management: Rod Browning, Chief Executive Officer

SoundView Technology Group Managing Partner Stephen Waite will be presenting our selections, and I will be moderating the 2013 Top Emerging Nanotech Innovators panel at our upcoming 5th Annual Nanotech Commercialization Conference, April 9-10th at the Wake Forest Biotech Place in Winston Salem, North Carolina.