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Nanomanufacturing Summit 2013

Written by: 
Jeff Morse, PhD

Nanomanufacturing Summit 2013 logo
The nanotechnology innovation ecosystem within the U.S. remains firmly anchored by the fundamental science activities supported by federal and state government investments, which contributes to the acceleration of the commercialization path for nano-enabled products. Effective technology transfer of translational R&D from laboratory proof-of-concept and prototype demonstrations remains a significant barrier to rapid commercial scale-up. Numerous models have emerged to better support this critical stage of the innovation cycle, including regional and state models for stakeholder networks providing the critical connections between academic research, investors, and entrepreneurs. While measures of success for an innovation ecosystem are not always so easily derived, the approach of connecting capital, resources, and leadership with good science remains an enduring model which continues to shape the future for nanotechnology commercialization, with nanomanufacturing firmly embedded within the framework of advanced manufacturing in the U.S.

While innovations fostered through R&D investments in the nanosciences hold significant promise for societal and economic impact, navigating the path from lab to fab remains relatively long for many nanotechnology companies. Coordinated investments between state and federal sources are now used to catalyze and leverage private capital, build an innovation ecosystem, and promote cluster-based development in regions across the U.S., further leveraging, for example, the many successfully developed regional, state, and local initiatives and frameworks. The Nanomanufacturing Summit 2013 and 12th Annual NanoBusiness Conference, to be held in Philadelphia, PA on October 15-17, 2013, will provide a two day forum to assess the current state of nanotechnology innovation and commercialization, providing participants and attendees with the latest on emerging nanomanufacturing trends, successful transitions to commercialization, federal and state resources, including user facilities, models for regional cluster development and initiatives, and perspectives on nanomanufacturing within the framework of advanced manufacturing for global competitiveness.

This year’s event, being co-organized by the National Nanomanufacturing Network (NNN), the NanoBusiness Commercialization Association (NanoBCA), and Ben Franklin Technology Partners will be held at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. The two-day conference will highlight regional and state initiatives fostering the commercialization of nanotechnology research, and will further provide an opportunity to learn about initiatives and topics in nanomanufacturing including emerging processes, scaled manufacturing platforms, advancements in innovative products and applications, nanoinformatics, and legislative and regulatory activity overviews impacting the broader nanomanufacturing community. The event will foster the critical collaboration and information exchange needed to realize both the societal and economic benefits offered by integrated nanomanufacturing techniques in order to accelerate the commercialization and scale-up of emerging nanotechnology-enabled products.

On behalf of the NNN, NanoBCA, Ben Franklin Technology Partners, and the University of Pennsylvania, we look forward seeing you at this year’s exciting event.