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Angstrom Medica

Angstrom Medica

Angstrom Medica, Inc. is a privately-held, biomaterials and medical device company engaged in the development and commercialization of its patented nanocrystalline calcium phosphate technology - NanOss™.

Angstrom is developing formulations for creating: (i) structural, weight-bearing medical devices; (ii) injectable, endothermic, weight-bearing bone cements; and (iii) programmable bioactive coatings that can act standalone or as a carrier for pharmokinetic agents and orthobiologic materials.

NanOss is an innovative structural biomaterial that is highly osteoconductive and remodels over time into human bone, with applications in the sports medicine, trauma, spine and general orthopaedics markets.

Angstrom Medica
150-A New Boston Street
Woburn, MA
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