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Metrigraphics LLC

Metrigraphics LLC

Metrigraphics is the world’s leading provider of ultra-miniature components commercially available at this scale of miniaturization and yield. No one else has done this in more industries or with a longer history. (That’s more than 50  years, with some customer relationships lasting over 20 years.)

We are unmatched when it comes to design assistance, prototyping, and mass production of micron-scale components that combine ultra-miniature feature size, tight tolerances and high reliability, even in harsh environments. Whether the project calls for a single prototype or tens of thousands of devices produced per week, no one else is more experienced or has done it in so many ways — in medical, biopharma, photonics, motion control, computer hardware and peripherals, and other applications.

Our capabilities in ultra-miniature design and fabrication are equally unmatched, and encompass the complete range of today’s state-of-the-art, ultra-miniature product disciplines, such as electroforming, photolithography and ion-beam milling (plus many proprietary methodologies only available here).

Our 40,000-square-foot facility includes:

  • Laboratory, office and production space
  • 11 class 1000 clean rooms
  • Three class 100 clean rooms
  • Three plating areas
  • Seven sputtering systems
  • Three ion-beam milling systems
  • Three Suss mask aligners
  • Separate production and development areas and equipment

Metrigraphics LLC
1001 Pawtucket Blvd.
Lowell, MA 01854
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