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Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing

Roll-to-Roll Electrophoretic Deposition of Hybrid Nanomaterials

Presented here is a method for assembling homogenous films of controllable thickness comprised of hybrid nanostructures on a roll-to-roll platform directly from solution. Using surfactant-free mixtures of nanoparticles, nanotubes, nanosheets, and any combination thereof, film fabrication may be achieved that maintains the chemical and physical properties inherit to the constituent material that is not limited by the presence of surfactants or impurities. Using this technique, researchers may demonstrate the viability of scalable production of a synthesized material.

BlueVine Graphene Industries, Inc.
BlueVine Graphene Industries, Inc.
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For the past decade, Purdue’s Discovery Park and its leading scientists nurtured the research that has now become the foundation of BGI’s graphene technology and team. BGI is developing the building blocks of the future in materials at the forefront of nanotechnology. Today, we are creating biosensors and supercapacitors that will revolutionize whole industries.