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Nano-Meta Technologies, Inc.
Nano-Meta Technologies, Inc.
1281 Win Hentschel Blvd West Lafayette, IN 47906 USA

Who We Are
- High-tech startup out of Purdue University
- Founded by university professors who are:
   - broadly published thought leaders in plasmonics, nanophotonics & metamaterials
   - authors of many patents, widely recognized by the scientific community
   - playing leadership roles at Purdue's Birck Nanotechnology Center (BNC)
- The Parent Company of Photonic Nano-Meta Technologies LLC (PNMT) - Russian Skolkovo-affiliated subsidiary

Nano Engineered Applications, Inc.
Nano Engineered Applications, Inc.
1140 Citrus Street Suite 1 Riverside, CA 92507 USA

Nano Engineered Applications, Inc. (NEA) is focused on commercializing patent pending, air-borne chemical detection technology. With NEA’s cost-effective and scalable fabrication techniques, this research advancement can be transformed into portable devices that detect minute quantities of harmful air-borne substances.

NEA concentrates on addressing the critical chemical and gas-detection needs of a broad spectrum of global industries:

NanoSteel Company, Inc.
NanoSteel Company, Inc.
272 West Exchange Street Suite 300 Providence, Rhode Island 02903 US

NanoSteel is the world leader in proprietary nano-structured steel material designs. Over its ten-year history, NanoSteel has created progressive generations of iron-based alloys from surface coatings to monolithic steel. For the oil & gas, mining and power industries, NanoSteel has successfully introduced commercial applications of metallic coatings to prolong service lifetime in the most extreme industrial environments.