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Xunlight Corporation

Xunlight Corporation

Xunlight designs, manufactures, and delivers high performance, lightweight, and flexible solar modules.

Xunlight Corporation is a venture-backed advanced technology company that specializes in the development of high-performance, flexible, and lightweight solar modules. Founded in 2002, the company was established to commercialize solar technology that was developed by Co-Founder Dr. Xunming Deng in his University of Toledo Thin Film Silicon Photovoltaic Laboratory. Through our innovative technology and high-speed roll-to-roll manufacturing process, we are revolutionizing the development of thin-film silicon-based photovoltaic solutions.

Our amorphous silicon solar modules are environmentally safe and highly efficient. Due to the unique composition of our advanced thin-film applications, our modules can be utilized in a wide-variety of ways. The combination of flexibility and lightweight allows for the implementation of small- to large-scale energy generation strategies for a variety of applications. The once, “next generation”, technology is finally becoming a reality and Xunlight is at the forefront of this rapidly-evolving, global marketplace.

Xunlight Corporation
3145 Nebraska Avenue
Toledo, OH
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