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Nano-imprint lithography (NIL)

process in which a pattern is transferred by pressing a nanoscale (2.7) template (usually called a die, stamp, mask or mould) of the desired pattern in relief into a deformable resist, which is then cured thermally or with light [SOURCE: ISO/TS 80004-8 v1, 7.1.18]

NIL Technology ApS
NIL Technology ApS
Diplomvej 381 Kongens Lyngby, DK-2800 Denmark

NIL Technology ApS (NILT) specializes in nanopatterning and nanoimprint lithography. NILT has experience in meeting complex demands for research and new product development activities, and assists customers in all stages from pattern design to imprinted pattern.

The NILT team consists of highly motivated and skilled engineers striving for delivering high quality one-stop solutions.