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The InterNano Nanomanufacturing Library is a searchable and openly accessible database of nanomanufacturing research, government reports on nanomanufacturing, and federally-funded education and outreach efforts for nanomanufacturing.

The following collections are available. Full text is provided where permissible.

  • IGERT Seminar Series: Presentations and papers delivered by invited researchers and scholars as part of an ongoing series on interdisciplinary nanotechnology research and innovation, with funding from the NSF Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) Program.
  • Nanomanufacturing Report Collection: Technical and project reports on nanotechnology research challenges, manufacturing processes, environmental considerations, and regulatory/policy issues.
  • Nanomanufacturing Research Collection: Citations and full-text (where permissable) of peer-reviewed research publications. For information on submitting research to this collection, please contact us.
  • Nanotechnology and Society Workshops: Papers and videos of presentations made at the annual conferences of the Nanoscience and Society Research Group of the Science, Technology and Society at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, funded by NSF grant CMMI 0531171.
  • NNN Conferences and Workshops Archive:: Presentations from NNN-hosted events.
  • NNN Newsletter Archive: NNN Newsletters are monthly, electronic publications showcasing new content on InterNano, upcoming events, and recently published work from NNN affiliates. Subscribe.