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Regional, State, and Local (RSL) Nanotechnology Initiatives and Resources

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Regional, state, and local organizations have a special role in establishing the infrastructure, preparing a skilled workforce, and supporting industry with a special focus on small business. Supporting partnerships with such organizations has been a goal since the NNI’s inception, when the first regional meetings were organized in Southern California and Texas in 2001, and in Oklahoma in 2009. The fourth Regional, State, and Local Initiatives in Nanotechnology Workshop was held in Portland, Oregon in May 2012.

RSL Programs and Offices

Mechanisms and Programs for NNI Interaction with States
The Nanomanufacturing, Industry Liaison, and Innovation (NILI) Working Group assembled a database of mechanisms and programs for NNI-member agencies to interact and collaborate with regional, state, local, and industry organizations to support nanotechnology development and technology transfer. The Industry and State Interactions database is organized by agency.