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Aculon, Inc.

Aculon, Inc.

Aculon, Inc. commercializes unique surface and interfacial coatings leveraging nanotechnology discoveries made at Princeton University. The Princeton intellectual property includes two issued patents and seven pending applications, with Aculon as the exclusive worldwide licensee for non-biological applications. Aculon has substantially strengthened its IP position with 15 new inventions beyond the original Princeton discoveries. In total, Aculon owns and licensees a portfolio of 25 exclusive, global patents.

The Company's breakthrough technology enables coatings which outperform all known alternatives in characteristics such as adhesion, stain resistance, scratch resistance and economics. Equally important, Aculon's know-how includes industrial scale processes to efficiently manufacture and apply these novel coatings..

Aculon's technology is exceptionally versatile and enables several platforms of high-value commercial opportunities. At present, the Company is focused on three platforms: (1) easy-clean, anti-smudge coatings for eyeglasses and other optical surfaces such as flat panel displays, and stainless steel; (2) coatings that boost adhesion strength to difficult-to-adhere-to surfaces such as glass, certain metals and plastics; and (3) coatings that improve the functionality of electronic devices such as displays, electrolytic capacitors and printed circuit boards.

Aculon, Inc.
11839 Sorrento Valley Road
San Diego, CA
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