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Wolf Nanofabrication Facility

Wolf Nanofabrication Facility

WNF is a user facility serving the nanofabrication needs of the Penn community as well as those of external users. It is named in honor of Prof. Jack Wolf, a Penn alumnus.

The 3,500 sq ft Facility houses a 1,950 sq ft class 1,000 (ISO 6) cleanroom. A 2009 renovation project provided a new makeup air unit dedicated to the lithography rooms, a new utility nitrogen system, a new clean dry air system, and a new process cooling water loop. New process gases such as silane, ammonia, nitrous oxide, fluoroform, and the associated gas cabinets, gas panels, valve manifold boxes, and toxic gas monitoring system have also been provided under the renovation project.

The Facility houses a set of tools that allow our users to perform a variety of fabrication steps: (1) film casting (spinners, hot plates, ovens, ink-jet printer); (2) lithography (e-beam writer, nanoimprinter, stepper, mask aligners [2]); (3) vapor deposition (evaporators [2], sputterer, AlN reactive sputterer, PECVD, ALD, parylene coater, YES CVD); (4) dry etching (ICP etcher, RIE etcher, plasma etcher, XeF2 etcher); (5) thin film measurement (profilometer, ellipsometer, refractometer, stress measurement tool); (6) device packaging (wire bonder); (7) electrical test (probe station, four-point probe station). Wet bench space is generous: two 10 ft-long and five 5 ft-long benches, segregated by chemical type.

Wolf Nanofabrication Facility
University of Pennsylvania
300 Moore Building
200 South 33rd Street
Philadelphia, PA
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