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Information for Contributors

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As an information clearinghouse, InterNano both aggregates existing resources related to nanomanufacturing and creates original commentary on those resources, including news highlights, review and feature articles, and topical assessments of the current state of practice in nanomanufacturing. InterNano is not a source of original scientific research. Editorial oversight is provided by the National Nanomanufacturing Network.

Submit Information

InterNano accepts press releases, research announcements and citations, calls for papers, images, and events information. All submissions are subject to approval by the site administrators before being published.

The InterNano Directory welcomes all registered users to enter their professional information and areas of expertise.

Write Original Content

InterNano accepts the following kinds of original content for publication:

  • Expert Reviews -- review articles of 1 to 2 pages that objectively summarize newly published research and state its relevance for nanomanfuacturing, including: contextual information for the problem at hand, the novelty of the material/process/device/system being reported, description of the research, potential applications, and remaining challenges for large-scale implementation. See our Style Guide (PDF). 
  • Topics in Nanomanufacturing -- medium-length, encyclopedia-like assessments of the current state of practice for a particular topic relevant to the nanomanufacturing community, such as: solar cells, occupational hygiene, targeted drug delivery, so on. See our Style Guide (PDF).

By publishing content on InterNano you will not only make an important contribution to the growing body of nanomanfuacturing literature, you will also bring visibility to the domain and to the experts who are engaged with it. InterNano recommends Creative Commons licenses for all original content. 

If you are interested in writing a review or topic page for InterNano, please email with a statement including your name, affiliation, area of expertise, and a brief description of your contribution.