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NanoMaterials, Ltd.

NanoMaterials, Ltd.

NanoMaterials Ltd., formerly ApNano – Active Protection NANOmaterials, is a pioneer of inorganic, multi-layered fullerenes. Founded in 2002, NanoMaterials was the first to succeed in the commercial production of inorganic, multi-layered nanofullerenes and nanotubes.

Based on Weizmann Institute of Science patented platform technology, the company’s WS‚-based nanomaterials opened up new possibilities for developing extreme performance lubricants, coatings and polymer composites. These materials feature outstanding extreme temperature (ET) and extreme pressure (EP) properties.

The composition and morphology of these materials creates a unique mechanism of friction induced tribofilm release. The exfoliated nano-particles attach to working surfaces, fill in wear crevices and coat working surfaces with a continuous super-lubrication layer. This “surface reconditioning” effect improves energy efficiency, extends effective operation, and extends machinery and lubricant life.

NanoMaterials has earned international recognition and won numerous innovation and excellence awards. The company also takes part in prestigious international research projects.

The company’s NanoLub® family of EP lubrication applications have won much acclaim, driving cooperation initiatives with partners around the world.

NanoMaterials has in-house R&D and production facilities through which it delivers its products.

NanoMaterials, Ltd.
ApNano Materials, Inc.
1 Shidlovski Street
P. O. Box 13294
Yavne, 81225