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Redex Nanolabs

Redex Nanolabs

Redex Nano Labs is an independent and indigenous manufacturer of Multiwall Carbon Nano Tube (MWCNT), Graphene Oxide,Reduced Graphene Oxide & Graphene and the variant dispersions of MWCNT and Graphene with different functional groups. We are preparing MWCNT & Graphene through Chemical and CVD route with the purity >95% up to 99% (recommended). We are having our own Patent Pending Method for the production.
We are the only bulk manufacturer in India with the production capacity of 10-15 kg/day.

Redex Nano Labs having in-house R&D facility to improve and maintain the quality of product. We can customize the product according to need of customer and based on desired application.

Our Core Development and Research Activities are:

1. Manufacturing MWCNT & Graphene, Functionalized MWCNT and Graphene (-COOH, OH).
2. R&D activity to deliver various solution (prepare stable dispersion of MWCNT and Graphene).
3. Development of Nanocomposites by introducing Redex products in end user products.
4. Nano Ink.
5. Collaborative Research.

Our services are focused towards commercializing nanomaterials in diverse sector of technologies.

Redex Nanolabs
E-53,south side industrial Area
Ghaziabad, U.P
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Gaurav Agrawal
Managing director