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AMF-Nano Corp

AMF-Nano Corp

AMF-Nano Corporation is a young, innovative growth company that has developed patented wafer scale integration processes which will enable the design and manufacture of the next generation of large scale heterogeneous smart sensor systems in a robust, very reliable and cost-effective manner. The production methods the Company embraces utilize advanced microelectronic technologies to overcome and eliminate all the drawbacks found today in the traditional processes used for MEMs/CMOS integration. The result is a robust integrated system-in-a-package which is cheaper and easier to fabricate with faster interconnects and enhanced performance characteristics.

The company was originally founded in August of 2007 as a research and development establishment (AMF – Advanced Micro Fab) with a focus on the advancement of wafer level fabrication methods for integration of heterogeneous MEMs and CMOS devices. Over the past three years it has developed and produced several prototypes of proprietary sensors and medical devices for use in medical and industrial applications. Four (4) patents are currently approved before the US Patent Office, with more in the pipeline. The Company is now focusing it's efforts on the commercialization of it's technologies through licensing, sales, partnering and the acquisition of synergistic businesses.

AMF-Nano Corp
University of Michigan
320 Miller St
Suite 140
Ann Arbor, MI
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