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Carbon Design Innovations, Inc.

Carbon Design Innovations, Inc.

If your AFM data is important to you, put your trust in Carbon Design Innovations. We're experts in the production of carbon nanotube AFM probes, sensors and array devices. What sets us apart is our team and the unique technology we employ in our state-of-the-art nanofabrication facility. Our ability to provide the right probe for the task is extremely valuable to customers who are routinely faced with demanding applications. Your goal is to achieve data accuracy - our job is to provide superior and cost-effective carbon nanotube solutions.

Carbon Design Innovations has developed a unique production process for production of carbon nanotube (CNT) devices. CDI produces CNTs with specified geometries and properties offering many benefits.

CNTs are one of the smallest, toughest, and most mechanically robust known to scientists. CDI has the technology that will radically change the nanotechnology industry. The ability to predictably manufacture CNTs for AFM probes represents the beginning of a new era in carbon technology.

Carbon Design Innovations, Inc.
1745 Adrian Rd.
Unit #20
Burlingame, CA
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