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Direct Writing of Ordered Nanostructures with Laser Interference Lithography

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Tan Figure 3b
Excerpted AFM image of LIL nanopattern.
National Nanomanufacturing Network: An international team of researchers demonstrates a simplified method of laser interference lithography for ordered surface nanostructures <5nm.

Compared to conventional lithographic methods for the preparation of nanostructures, which typically reqire time-consuming process sequences and expensive masks, Laser Interference Lithography (LIL) is an inexpensive and efficient option to produce nanopatterns over large areas. 

In a paper recently published in Nanotechnology, Tan and colleagues demonstrate the use of LIL to directly write nanoholes into SiO2-coated GaAs wafers. Their simplified process used a high-energy laser to pattern periodic arrays of holes into the substrate, achieving features sizes of <5nm. Due to its high resolution and low cost, LIL is promising for industrial use. 

Surface nanostructures have a range of potential applications from solar cells and magnetic storage to micro- and optoelectronics. 

This research was funded by the European Fp6 Project.

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Image reproduced with permission from Tan C, et al. 2009. Ordered Nanostructures Written Directly by Laser Interference. Nanotechnology 20(12): 125303. Copyright 2009 Institute of Physics. 

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