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Cambridge Nanotherm Ltd

Cambridge Nanotherm Ltd

Cambridge Nanotherm Ltd, was established in 2010 to commercialise proprietary nano-ceramic technology for use in the electronic industry. The technology has been developed by internationally renowned scientists who are co-founders of the company. The management team has a track record for setting up successful high technology companies and commercialising innovative IP. The core team previously started businesses in Cambridge.

In Novermber 2011 Enso Ventures Limitied, a private equity and technology boutique firm, became an investor in Cambridge Nanotherm.

NANOTHERM™ substrate technology uses a patented nano-ceramic coating process to create a dielectric layer on the surface of an Aluminium substrate, creates a circuit layer for the interconnection of electronic devices.

The nano-ceramic layer achieves an industry-leading thermal resistance due to it being between 4 and 10 times thinner than its competitors. The dielectric thermal conductivity is also 2-3 times higher (7W/mK) than conventional PCB dielectric materials.

The NANOTHERM™ Metal-Backed PCB (MBPCB) is nano-ceramic dielectric layer formed directly on the surface of Aluminium substrate. A subsequent metallisation layer, formed on the surface of NANOTHERM™ ceramic coating by bonding an ultra-thin (4-10 microns) layer of adhesive to create a circuit layer uses an ultra-thin bond line to attach Copper foil metallisation. This can be patterned using standard PCB processing techniques.

Cambridge Nanotherm Ltd
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United Kingdom
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