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California and Massachusetts Lead Country in Nanotechnology Activities

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The Woodrow Wilson Center's Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies (PEN) has issued an update to its 2007 NanoMetro Map data. Released on August 18, the data shows that California and Massachusetts are still the largest clusters of nanotechnology activity in the country.

The PEN interactive NanoMetro Map—an on-going, interactive project first launched in 2007—reflects the locations of institutions and organizations involved in research, development, or commercialization of nanotechnology. Using it, one can easily visualize the nation's nanotechnology landscape.

Since 2007,  the map has grown from 800 entries to over 1200. Of those 1200, 955 are companies. 

According to their data, the four states with the most nanotechnology activity (companies and academic and government research organizations) are California, Massachusetts, New York, and Texas. While these rankings have not changed since 2007, there has been substantial growth in the number of organizations reported from each state. In addition, in 2009 every state and the District of Columbia can claim at least one institution or organization that is involved nanotechnology in some way.

The top states for nanotechnology research and development are California and New York, while the top states for nanotechnology companies are California and Massachusetts. The most active sectors reported are Materials, Tools and Instruments, and Health and Medicine. 

Access the interactive map and the publicly available analysis document at PEN

Nano Metro Map Detail courtesy of PEN.

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