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Deadline Approaches on Nanomanufacturing Funding Opportunity for Universities and Small Businesses

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Plant Floor
The OSD is accepting proposals for a new STTR solicitation on Nanomanufactured Catalytic Arrays on Patterned Addressable Substrates for Advanced Electronic Device Applications until September 15, 2010. The objective of this solicitation is "To develop nanomanufacturing approaches and tools to deposit large scale and dense arrays of intermetallic catalytic particles of controlled geometries on addressable pre-patterned substrates (metallic, semiconducting and insulating)....

This platform will serve as the base for a large number of products dealing with the exploitation of the carbon nanotube properties (in particular ultra-capacitors). This platform will also help with other scientific investigations addressing issues of growth and control of the of CNT properties. The second objective is to develop different types of ultracapacitors based on the above platform (different sizes, with different electrode geometries, with different dielectric materials and different metal substrates)."

The solicitation will close on September 15, 2010. More information about this solicitation and application instructions can be found by searching the DoD grants database for OSD10-T004.

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