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Nano-CEMMS Team Improves e-Jet Printing Process

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Center for Nanoscale Chemical Electrical Mechanical Manufacturing Systems: Researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign have refined an electrohydrodynamic jet (e-jet) printing process that can create patterns in the submicron range. Using a gold-coated microcapillary nozzle (diameter 300 nm), the team was able to produce lines with widths as narrow as 700 nm and dots as small as 250 nm.This process can be used for low-cost, high-performance printed electronics as well as other systems such as microarrays of DNA for bioanalysis.  

Park JU, et al. “High-resolution electrohydrodynamic jet printing” Nature Materials 6(10): 782-789.

Read the entire press release.  

Full research featured in Nature Materials as the cover story for October.