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Nanosurf Inc.

Nanosurf Inc.

AFM and STM solutions that fit your needs!

For almost two decades, Nanosurf has been developing and manufacturing unique scanning probe microscopes (AFM and STM) to help professionals capture, analyze, and present material surface information with subnanometer resolution. Our products and services enjoy the trust of leading universities and companies worldwide. With our custom solutions, we can readily provide comprehensive systems tailored to your exact needs.

Nanosurf was founded as Nanosurf AG on June 4, 1997, in Liestal, Switzerland, by Dominik Braendlin, Lukas Howald and Robert Sum. Since then, Nanosurf has developed into a large and multi-skilled team of professionals based in Switzerland, Germany, the US, and China.

Nanosurf's product range has grown to match this development. New products are continuously being assessed and developed in close collaboration with distinguished universities and polytechnics. This collaboration not only ensures that Nanosurf has access to the latest developments in nanotechnology. It also means that Nanosurf is actively involved in their development.

Nanosurf Inc.
300 Trade Center
Suite 5450
Woburn, MA
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