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DryWired is an award-winning Los Angeles based clean tech firm that distributes advanced surface nanotechnologies globally. DryWired’s mission is to harness nanotechnology as a catalyst for change. Our eco-friendly protective thin-film coatings make buildings more energy efficient, surfaces cleaner, lessen e-waste, reduce city air pollution and make food last longer. We are committed to solving global challenges through scientific partnerships with private laboratories and leading universities.

Founded in 2012 and launched at CES in January 2013 as a start-up offering a single nanocoating solution for protecting mobile phones, DryWired has grown into a global nanotech firm with over 100 complimentary licensed nanocoating technologies. We search the world’s laboratories for revolutionary nanotech and help bring innovation to market in collaboration with the award-winning scientists behind the discoveries. Unlike other companies who offer a single technology solution regardless of a client’s needs, we leverage our team of chemical engineers and materials scientists in order to find the best solution for each individual customer. Our customized, non-toxic, nanocoating products are all made in the USA, Europe and Japan.

Our team’s distinctive background ranges from materials science, chemical engineering, military support operations, plasma processing and media production. We wanted diversity in our team to match the diversity in our technology’s range of applications. Our nanocoatings and surface modification technologies were developed and refined over the last 30 years by Award-winning American, European and Asian scientists. DryWired’s licensed technologies are protected by dozens of international patents and trade secrets.

5524 Alcoa Ave.
Vernon, CA 90058
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