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Stanford Advanced Materials

Stanford Advanced Materials

Stanford Advanced Materials (SAM) is a global supplier of a series of pure metals, alloys, ceramics and minerals such as oxides, chlorides, sulfides, oxysalts, etc. Our headquarters was established in 1994 in Irvine, California, USA to provide high-quality rare-earth products for research and development (R&D) purposes. To meet the increasing demands for rare-earth products and other materials, we increased both the variety and the scale of our materials to serve not only our R&D customers but also downstream manufacturers in the e.g. ceramic, metallurgy, electronic and aviation industries. We created an online ordering platform at, as a new business channel for our customers to learn more about us, contact us, and order products at ease. After almost two decades of development, our annual revenue reached over 10 million US dollars by 2007. Three years later, we opened a second office, aiming to expand our business with other emerging ones. SAM now specializes in both high-purity chemicals (up to 99.99999%) for research institutes and technical grade materials for advanced industries.

To accommodate to our rising business, we created a new and improved online website at With an added concentration on the materials of tantalum and niobium, we take the lead in processing refractory and superhard metals. Our product line for these two elements range from ingots, foils, sheets, tubes, rods, wires, meshes, crucibles and flanges of single element to those of alloys. We also provide compounds of materials of tantalum and niobium, e.g. oxides, carbides, chlorides, ethoxides and oxysalts. All of these materials are fully customizable and fit widely-accepted standards. Our top customers for these products are from pharmacy, capacitor, metallurgy, semiconductor and aviation industries, however we strive to apply our products in more application fields and welcome business partners from all over the world.

Another website launched by SAM,, marks the second milestone of SAM's online sales. It offers a more abundant collection of high-level and reliable sputtering targets for thin film coating and deposition at competitive prices. These sputtering targets range from such pure metals and alloys as precious metals, rare-earth metals, refractory metals, semiconductors, etc. to ceramics like oxides, nitrides, carbides, fluorides, silicides, sulfides and so on. Our customization service is also available to meet your needs including diversified shaping, target bonding and material recycling of sputtering targets.

Stanford Advanced Materials
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